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University of Cadiz (UCA) is university, located in the south of Europe, in Spain. It was established in 1979 to provide young people with educational services, conduct research and transfer knowledge.

Cadiz is the southern province of Spain. It is the only province where the coast is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The mild climate, the unique historical and natural heritage, coastline length of 260 km. will allow you to enjoy 3,000 hours and 330 days of sunshine a year.
The University offers a list of academic programs such as undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate at four university campuses: Cadiz, Puerto Real, Jerez and Algeciras. All programs are taught in Spanish.

They are approved by the Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Spain in accordance with the standards adopted by the European Higher Education Area.

UCA brings together teachers, researchers and students from five continents. University officially cooperates with various universities, organizations and enterprises at the national and international levels. It is also actively involved in the agro-industrial research (ceiA3).
The academic and scientific sphere of UCA is a bridge between Europe and North Africa, and Latin America.

UCA prepares specialists according to official requirements, developed by the European higher education community. The university also offers its own university programs that train specialists in accordance with modern requirements of the labor market. University Students gain knowledge on their own without the support of online services “buy assignment online“. To be a student of the University of Cadiz means not just studying all the time, but also leading an active social life. The university hosts many different sporting and cultural events, seminars, seasonal courses, conferences, volunteer actions. That is, education in the University of Cadiz is not only high-quality knowledge but also a lot of fun and a memorable part of your life.

Cadiz University graduates have the opportunity to have practical training or internship in various enterprises. This is so-called consolidation of the theoretical knowledge and its application on practice.

There are many cultural events take place at the University of Cadiz: contests, festivals, exhibitions, etc. The sphere of sport is well developed as well. There are many different sections and sports clubs. According to statistics, about 60% of the students are actively involved in sports. University Centre for Modern Languages offers students to learn foreign languages. There are courses in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish,

Japanese and the language of symbols, etc. Students can improve their knowledge of the language or learn new language from scratch.
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