How to stay safe doing winter sports

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Winter activities, games and fun, winter sports bring many bright emotions, as the result, your mood is instantly improved and it plays an important role in the formation of immunity. Winter forest, snow-covered slopes, trails powdered by snow, a light frost – all of these are wonderful companions of active winter holidays, which allow you to keep your body in good shape.


In the winter, it is very important to pay attention to nutrition. Sometimes it may not have enough strength and energy to exercise.  In order not to lead your body to dehydration during exercises you need to stick to the rule – drink up to 2.5 liters of water per day.

Eat seasonal foods: tangerines, oranges, persimmons. And those that can be found year-round on the supermarket shelves: bananas, pineapples, etc.


During winter sports it is important to feel comfortable. Choose light clothes and preferably made of natural fabrics. Usual underwear should be replaced by thermal underwear that does not become wet and does not stick to the body. Do not forget about the outerwear. It should not weigh down your exercises, so choose a vest with feathers. Also, use gloves and a scarf to avoid freezing of hands and chin.

In addition, in the winter season, it is very easy to get hurt, especially if there is ice on the street. Therefore, it’s recommended to consider a set of exercises for different weather.

The most common winter injuries:

  1. Damage to the knee ligament.
  2. Damage to the thumbs. They occur in the presence of ski poles in the hands, because of which the joint can be turned out when you fall.
  3. Fractures of the clavicle. A nasty collision with another skier or snowboarder can cause fractures of the clavicle. They can also occur when you fall and put a hand in front of you.
  4. Damage to the ankles. Snowboarders are often faced with this kind of injury due to the fact that their legs are attached to the board.

How to avoid winter injuries:

  • Be in good shape;
  • Use only modern equipment of suitable size and acquired, if you are a beginner, after consultation with an expert;
  • Wear a helmet. Both skiers and snowboarders can hit their heads during the fall;
  • Take a few lessons with an instructor and then buy assignment online;
  • Take a rest when you are tired. As a rule, injuries occur at the end of the day when you are tired. Therefore, if you feel the lack of energy, it is better to go down the slope and relax.
  • About the Author: Lilly Loo is a student. She works at the local press.