How to Focus on Essay Writing?

Have you ever had situations when you understand that you need to do a task, but no matter how hard you try you just cannot sit down and do it? You postpone it until almost the deadline, get nervous that you will not be able to finish it on time, but still you are not able to start. Well, this is totally about me writing an essay.

It seems that an essay is one of the easiest paper types to write. It has a rather simple structure, you get the chance to express your own point of view, and it usually requires no references to be mentioned. So, why sometimes is it so difficult to write? Maybe, a lack of focus is the reason. We make ourselves busy with many other tasks: cleaning, cooking, checking emails. Do we do all that stuff just to avoid writing? Anyway, today we will discuss how to escape such situation and stay focused during the whole process of essay writing.

The first thing you need to do is to start. Put off the magazine, turn off the TV, and close you Facebook tab, turn off the music, put the phone into silent mode and start. Create a new folder and a document with the name of the essay you need to write. Then think of the main idea of your paper. Read the topic and decide whether you agree with it or not. Make the plan of your future essay. It can look like this:

Paragraph #1

  • Introduction of the topic. Why have you chosen it?
  • The importance of this topic.
  • The main statement of the paper.

Paragraph #2

  • Evidence #1 that proves the main statement is true.

Paragraph #3

  • Evidence #2 that proves the main statement is true.

Paragraph #4

  • Evidence #3 that proves the main statement is true.

Paragraph #4

  • Conclusion. What were the results of your research? Summarization and further research possibilities.

Once you have such a plan, start filling it in with sentences. Don’t forget that the paragraphs need to be interconnected. The best way to make such connection is to introduce the idea of the next paragraph in the last sentence of the previous one. There should be a logical chain of your ideas so that the reader could easily follow it and come to the same conclusions, and you did. At the beginning of the paragraphs, you can use the linking words like: moreover, furthermore, in addition or others. And if you have a hard time coming up with any link you can always start your paragraph with “Another…”

If you use the above-mentioned advice, you’ll be able to write your essay in no time. Just remember to avoid temptation to check social networks, look at you phone or take some break, unless your essay is twenty pages or more. In this case try to divide the whole assignment into equal parts and keep the focus during the writing process.