Different Essay Types

Persuasive, descriptive, narrative…are all these words scaring you? Do you think it is hard to remember all of the essay types that exist out there? Calm down, it’s not that hard. Here we’ve prepared a quick list for you. Enjoy.

All types of essays

Argumentative Essay

In this kind of paper, you are supposed to set a thesis and provide arguments to support it. It is very important to be consistent and persuasive so that your reader, if he didn’t share your opinion in the beginning, was inclined to share it in the end, stunned with your flawless logic.

Cause and Effect Essay

As you can guess from the very name of this essay type, cause and effect essay requires you to describe a relation between causes of a certain concept and, expectedly, its effects. Nothing difficult, except the fact that the relations you deal with have to be described very clearly and leave no room for doubt.

Classification Essay

To write this paper, take a class of objects (the bigger, the better) and come up with your own classification. Mind you, it has to be unique and not similar to others.

Comparison Essay

Compare two objects/concept/ideas, etc. from multiple points of view, such as function, origin and purpose. Do not concentrate on appearance and other characteristics of a less general level. Also, it is reasonable to take objects for comparison from the same class, or your comparison might get too broad.

Definition Essay

In this type of paper, you are to provide your own definition of a certain idea or concept. Some are rather specific, others are more general. It is quite common to start this kind of essay with a dictionary definition and then build on it.

Expository Essay

Expository essays are often called information essays, as their main purpose is to provide the reader with certain facts. In this case, you are not required to formulate a thesis. Instead, you are to offer bare facts in the logical order.

Literature Essay

Favored by English professors, literature essays focus on literature works and describe their characters, plots, main ideas, etc. Literature essays hardly follow any structure and give you as much freedom as it gets.

Narrative Essay

The name of narrative essays speaks for itself: you have to tell, to narrate a story. This class includes essays about people, events and places.

Personal Essay

A personal essay is an instrument to talk about you as an author. They’re required for different purposes, but mostly serve to evaluate a candidate for a program/degree/scholarship, etc.

Essays can also be classified in terms of their function:

Admission Essay

Admission essay is required by colleges as a part of the application procedure. They can be anything from the abovementioned types, but mostly are represented by personal essays.

Scholarship Essay

The same as with admission essays, a scholarship essay is developed to get a certain reward, in this case – a scholarship for a certain program.

You see, this is not that hard. Try to remember at least 5 types of essays that are most frequently assigned: argumentative, cause and effect, narrative, literature and personal. The rest you will remember with time.

Naturally, all of these paper types differ in their structures, contents and even types of essay introductions. However, once you learn the general structure, it will be much easier for you to work on them.