How to Focus on Essay Writing?

Have you ever had situations when you understand that you need to do a task, but no matter how hard you try you just cannot sit down and do it? You postpone it until almost the deadline, get nervous that you will not be able to finish it on time, but still you are not able to start. Well, this is totally about me writing an essay.

What Should I Write About for My First College Essay?

College application essays are practically the second most difficult thing ever – right after jumping off a plane. There is simply too much pressure and too little confidence to cope with it easily. So, what should you write about in your application essay?

Tips on Writing University Essays

University papers are almost the highest level of academic writing that you will have to accomplish, leaving the first place only to MBA ones. Although the pressure is high, it does not mean the task is impossible to complete. In fact, university essays are not much more difficult than college or high-school ones, except of the amount of research required. 

How to Write Intro/Conclusion Paragraphs?

Academic writing is hardly a piece-of-cake assignment itself, but for some reason, conclusions and introductions of any paper seem to cause students the biggest trouble. Maybe it is because they feel that these parts are important, or because they make the most lasting impression on the reader – whatever the reason, too many students somehow manage to fail writing them properly.

How Do You Write a Very Good Persuasive Essay?

Persuasive writing is a skill needed not only to get better grades, but also to state your opinions and to be able to protect them. Whatever you are writing – an article, a letter, a public speech – at some point you have to persuade you reader (or listener) that you are right. For you to be able to do so easily and efficiently, we provided a few tips that you might find useful.

Hints for Writing Excellent Essays of Any Academic Level

How to write a good essay? That is the most frequently asked question by any modern student. This form of performance evaluation is considered the most acceptable one. Such assignments as problem-solving or multiple choice do not usually represent the full knowledge. In addition, such tasks often involve cheating, so the instructor never knows for sure whose skills he is actually checking.

Technical Paper: What is RAM and How to Optimize it.

What Is RAM?

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a hardware unit that enables the information to be stored and retrieved on a computer. The computer can access the data much faster, because information is accessed randomly, not sequentially, as on a CD or a hard disk drive. However, as compared to the hard drive, RAM requires power to keep the data accessible. If the computer is switched off, all RAM data is lost.

When the computer is started, drivers and parts of the operating system are loaded into memory. As a result, the CPU is able to process the instructions faster and make the boot process faster. After the operating system has started, each opened program is loaded into memory while it is running. In cases when too many programs are open, the computer will exchange the memory data between the RAM and the hard disk drive.


RAM Types

The most common types of RAM are:

  • DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module). This module contains RAM chips on a small circuit board. The chips are connected to the computer motherboard by using pins.
  • RIMM (Rambus Inline Memory Module). This module uses less than the a DIMM and has different pin characteristics.
  • SO-DIMM (Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module). This module is a smaller alternative to a DIMM.
  • SO-RIMM (Small Outline Rambus Inline Memory Module). This module is a smaller alternative to a RIMM.


RAM History

In 1947, RAM appeared in its first form of with the use of the Williams tube. It used a cathode ray tube (CRT) and data was stored on the face of the CRT as electrically charged spots.

In the same year, the second form of RAM was invented. Magnetic-core memory works through the use of tiny metal rings and wires that are connected to each ring. One bit of data per ring is stored and can be accessed at any time.

RAM in its modern look was first invented in 1968 by Robert Dennard who used transistors to store bits of data. They were known as dynamic random access memory, or DRAM.


Ways to Improve RAM

If your computer starts running slow, it means that its RAM is overloaded. There are at least two solutions to this problem: