How to stay safe doing winter sports

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Winter activities, games and fun, winter sports bring many bright emotions, as the result, your mood is instantly improved and it plays an important role in the formation of immunity. Winter forest, snow-covered slopes, trails powdered by snow, a light frost – all of these are wonderful companions of active winter holidays, which allow you to keep your body in good shape.


In the winter, it is very important to pay attention to nutrition. Sometimes it may not have enough strength and energy to exercise.  In order not to lead your body to dehydration during exercises you need to stick to the rule – drink up to 2.5 liters of water per day.

Eat seasonal foods: tangerines, oranges, persimmons. And those that can be found year-round on the supermarket shelves: bananas, pineapples, etc.


During winter sports it is important to feel comfortable. Choose light clothes and preferably made of natural fabrics. Usual underwear should be replaced by thermal underwear that does not become wet and does not stick to the body. Do not forget about the outerwear. It should not weigh down your exercises, so choose a vest with feathers. Also, use gloves and a scarf to avoid freezing of hands and chin.

In addition, in the winter season, it is very easy to get hurt, especially if there is ice on the street. Therefore, it’s recommended to consider a set of exercises for different weather.

The most common winter injuries:

  1. Damage to the knee ligament.
  2. Damage to the thumbs. They occur in the presence of ski poles in the hands, because of which the joint can be turned out when you fall.
  3. Fractures of the clavicle. A nasty collision with another skier or snowboarder can cause fractures of the clavicle. They can also occur when you fall and put a hand in front of you.
  4. Damage to the ankles. Snowboarders are often faced with this kind of injury due to the fact that their legs are attached to the board.

How to avoid winter injuries:

  • Be in good shape;
  • Use only modern equipment of suitable size and acquired, if you are a beginner, after consultation with an expert;
  • Wear a helmet. Both skiers and snowboarders can hit their heads during the fall;
  • Take a few lessons with an instructor and then buy assignment online;
  • Take a rest when you are tired. As a rule, injuries occur at the end of the day when you are tired. Therefore, if you feel the lack of energy, it is better to go down the slope and relax.
  • About the Author: Lilly Loo is a student. She works at the local press.

University of Cadiz (UCA) – education abroad



University of Cadiz (UCA) is university, located in the south of Europe, in Spain. It was established in 1979 to provide young people with educational services, conduct research and transfer knowledge.

Cadiz is the southern province of Spain. It is the only province where the coast is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The mild climate, the unique historical and natural heritage, coastline length of 260 km. will allow you to enjoy 3,000 hours and 330 days of sunshine a year.
The University offers a list of academic programs such as undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate at four university campuses: Cadiz, Puerto Real, Jerez and Algeciras. All programs are taught in Spanish.

They are approved by the Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education of Spain in accordance with the standards adopted by the European Higher Education Area.

UCA brings together teachers, researchers and students from five continents. University officially cooperates with various universities, organizations and enterprises at the national and international levels. It is also actively involved in the agro-industrial research (ceiA3).
The academic and scientific sphere of UCA is a bridge between Europe and North Africa, and Latin America.

UCA prepares specialists according to official requirements, developed by the European higher education community. The university also offers its own university programs that train specialists in accordance with modern requirements of the labor market. University Students gain knowledge on their own without the support of online services “buy assignment online“. To be a student of the University of Cadiz means not just studying all the time, but also leading an active social life. The university hosts many different sporting and cultural events, seminars, seasonal courses, conferences, volunteer actions. That is, education in the University of Cadiz is not only high-quality knowledge but also a lot of fun and a memorable part of your life.

Cadiz University graduates have the opportunity to have practical training or internship in various enterprises. This is so-called consolidation of the theoretical knowledge and its application on practice.

There are many cultural events take place at the University of Cadiz: contests, festivals, exhibitions, etc. The sphere of sport is well developed as well. There are many different sections and sports clubs. According to statistics, about 60% of the students are actively involved in sports. University Centre for Modern Languages offers students to learn foreign languages. There are courses in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish,

Japanese and the language of symbols, etc. Students can improve their knowledge of the language or learn new language from scratch.
About the author: Peter Smith is a blogger. He keens on history, art and IT sphere. Peter loves travelling and playing computer games.

Uncommon Exam Habits


  1. When we are faced with an essay or a test that seems to be complex and completely out of our line, we tend to sit in front of the computer, thinking ‘How am I going to do this without buying research papers for sale?’ However, there is no need to panic ahead of time. If you see that you are stuck with work and can’t move any further, we know a smart tactics. Draw it. Make your test expectations colorful. Instead of scribbling the usual flashcards turn your fears into pictures. Aside from being a huge stress-reliever, painting is the ultimate way to visualize your troubles and make them literally drawings on the wall!
  2. Stop and ask yourself. You can wake up in the middle of the night to get some water and have a questionnaire at your side or set an alarm clock on your phone to test yourself when you have time. When you engage in multiple activities or go about your day, don’t forget to make a reminder that you actually have to revise. You can put flashcards at random places or do not allow yourself to come back to bed without reciting a topic, because repetition helps quicks memorization and focus.
  3. After two hours of productive work, your attention level is considerably lower, so it’s important you have a break every hour or two. You can go for a breath of fresh air or simply buy a coffee in the nearest Starbucks, but make sure your mind is not overloaded with work once you pull yourself away from studies. Being exhausted does not help preparation, so you have to divide your time between work and leisure wisely.
  4. You can sail through your exam period like pro if you adopt this simple tip: the best way to learn is teaching. If the thought of you standing at the desk is purely terrifying, it’s worth to give it a try in a more informal surrounding, like a café or a university hall. Whenever a group of younger students gathers on campus, you can read them aloud or conduct a quick test. This will allow you to assess their abilities individually and on the whole, and will also be helpful if you are trying to remember something yourself.
  5. Contact your teacher in the office hours. This is the time when there are exactly zero students around, and you can talk freely about your feelings and impressions after the lecture. Your tutor will be mildly surprised, but nonetheless flattered by your sincere display of attention since you are the only person who wants to know subject in and out. You can get to know teaching assistants, too, as they are the ones providing for all the workshops you have in class. If the teacher is not available in the office hours, try reaching out by phone. Review

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